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William Tyrrell is an Australian 3 year old boy who disappeared from his grandmother’s yard in the small town of Kendall on the Mid North Coast on September 12, 2014. He had been playing hide and seek with his sister in his Spider-man suit in both the front and backyard of his grandmother’s house when it was believed he was abducted.

william tyrrell little boy lost

Both his mother and grandmother were not out of sight, sitting outside watching them innocently play. His mother went inside to make a cup of tea and became worried after five or so minutes when she hadn’t heard a peep out of him. Both immediately began searching the yard and house. Shortly after Tyrells father returned from a business trip to find complete and utter chaos. He joined the search knocking on neighbours doors. After about half and hour of searching, 000 was phoned and emergency services and the police arrived.

Hundreds of police, members of the State Emergency Services, Rural Fire Services and members of the community scoured the area all day and into the night for little William. Over night, two hundred more volunteers joined the search combing the rugged terrain around the home with Police divers searching waterways and dams. Even Police sniffer dogs were brought in to see if they could pick up a scent, but sadly the only scent detected was within the boundries of the backyard itself.

william tyrrell little boy lost

Two suspicious cars were seen near the home parked on the dead end of the road on the morning Tyrell disappeared. The cars, a white station wagon and an older style grey sedan were unknown to the locals of the area. It was noted by a neighbor that the two cars both had their windows down. As both William and his sister played on their bikes in the driveway, it has been reported that one of the cars drove into the no through road, did a U turn into the neighbours driveway and then drove out of the street. Another 4WD was also sighted driving out of Benaroon Drive at about 10.30am the same time it was thought William disappeared and later sighted speeding down another Kendall street.

william tyrrell little boy lost

Police chose to withhold this information from the general public for a period of 12 months hoping to flush out the perpetrators as part of an investigative strategy.

No one has come forward admitting to being parked there to date. Police are keen to interview the owners of the cars.

In September 2015, Police confirmed a white station wagon seized from a home on the NSW north coast will be examined as part of the investigation into the disappearance of toddler William Tyrrell. An older model Toyota was taken from a home at Wauchope. The car is believed to belong to Anthony “Tony” Jones, 59, who was sentenced in 2015 to three years in jail after he was convicted of the aggravated indecent assault of a young child.

william tyrrell little boy lost

“The vehicle is undergoing forensic examination as part of the investigation into missing toddler William Tyrrell.”

The police are not suggesting any of these vehicles are linked to William’s disappearance but they want to eliminate those cars from their inquiries.”

Despite extensive investigation into his disappearance, Tyrrell has not been found, nor have his abductor/s been identified.

His grandmothers house on Benaroon Drive is directly opposite the bushland road which leads into Kendall State Forest.

For the past two years, the Homicide Squads Strike Force Rosann was established, leading the investigation into William’s disappearance. It consists of 14 detectives and analysts working full time to solve the case. Chief Inspector Jubelin said. “We’ve cast the net very wide on this investigation and with the publics help, have been given information about 600 people of interest”.

On 12 September 2016, the second anniversary of Williams disappearance, the NSW government announced a huge reward for any tangible evidence that leads to either a recovery and/or arrest associated with the abduction.

william tyrrell little boy lost

With the introduction of a $1 Million reward, Chief Inspector Jubelin urged members of the public not to waste the strike force’s valuable time with “clairvoyants or dreams”.

“We only want to focus on tangible evidence,” he said.

William had a complicated family history and it is for this reason his parents legally could never be named. They were allowed to speak during a 60 minutes interview, only with the condition that their faces be blurred out during the interview.

william tyrrell little boy lost

It has been said that the police kept the parents from speaking out earlier in the investigation as they felt it may have hindered the investigation during the crucial weeks that followed Williams disappearance. The NSW government went on to release a statement saying “its key priority was always to act in the interest of the safety and wellbeing of William, and not in any way to jeopardise ongoing police investigations.

The case has been referred to the NSW coroner but police say investigations continue with the hope the young boy is still alive.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of William Tyrrell, please contact your local police station or Crime Stoppers. Since this article was written, In September 2016, the NSW Government announced a $1 million reward for information that leads to the recovery of William, which remains on offer

william tyrrell little boy lost
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