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VIGNA CANTINA Sangiovese 2017 Barossa Valley $28.00

I met Torzi Matthews some years back, my memory is not so good these days, however, the story he told me was his real name wasn’t Torzi Matthews. He had made it up to get a job or something like that it was a long time ago now when tasting some of his early (Frost dodger Shiraz’s).
For me, I was surprised by the improvement, the time in the bottle had made to this Sangiovese. It has the fragrance of cherries, dried wildflowers, berries and herbs. Hinting at Italy and not so much Barossa.
All this flows to the plate, with rather pleasing savoury notes supported by powdery tannins with a hint of older oak rounding out the finish.

I enjoyed this wine with mushroom & sliced garlic pasta, topped with fresh grated Italian parma cheese.

michael lillisMichael Lillis

the Rot has set in.

Overview: The wine was a sound example and tasted very much like a Sangiovese.
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