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How RPBA Matches People with Responsible Dog Breeders

Part of cat or dog breeding in Australia is looking for ways to reach out to animal lovers. Not so long ago, traditional forms of advertising, such as classified ads, were used to sell different breeds. But with the advent of technology, many have switched to online platforms to connect with potential buyers. Building a website has become an important part of the selling process. The only problem is, not all breeders are tech-savvy nor have website-building experience. Luckily, there are pet breeding organisations that breeders can join so that they can promote their animals.

RPBA: An Ethical Breeding Community

Responsible Pet Breeders Australia (RPBA) is the country’s largest pet breeding organisation. Founded in 2018, this Sydney-based group provides reputable breeders with a platform so that they can find a loving home for their animals, whether purebred or not. To ensure that all animals bred and sold are healthy and good-natured, the group requires its members to follow and sustain strict ethical practices.

RPBA carefully screens every individual who wishes to become a member to protect both the animals being sold and the potential buyers. Whether probationary or full, all members are required to adhere to the group’s code of ethics and standards. They must comply with the state and local government legislation and have the appropriate licences and registrations for breeding animals.

RPBA Membership

Any individual who has a cat or dog in their care and is confident that they can commit to the organisation’s code of ethics may join. However, dog breeders in Australia must first apply as a probationary member via the group’s website. Once their membership has been approved, their personal information will be uploaded to the group’s online database. This is to make it easy for the organisation to match buyers with ethical pet breeders.

The initial step in the application process is paying the membership fee through the organisation’s website. Breeders can choose between monthly and annual payments. Payments can be made via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. 

After payment has been made, applicants will be redirected to a registration webpage. They will need to complete their member details and send images of their animal’s housing or whelping area for review.

All probationary RPBA members are eligible to apply for full membership through email. A veterinary audit form will be provided and must be filled out by a practising vet. Once the audit has been completed, submitted, and cross-checked, the probationary member’s application will be approved. Their member ID details will then be transferred to the group’s full member list. 

RPBA accepts breeders who are also members, or previous members, of other breeding organisations provided that they meet the group’s code of ethics and standards. If the breeder has already completed a home inspection and veterinary audit in their previous organisation, RPBA will be able to approve them straight away as a full member.

Strict Rules Apply

To ensure the welfare of the animals being sold and the new owners alike, RPBA makes it its responsibility to filter out breeders who appear to be non-compliant with the group’s code of ethics and the state legislation. The group does not tolerate puppy farms and irresponsible breeders, and will report dubious activities to both the local authorities and RSPCA. Furthermore, it does not accept breeders with more than 10 fertile breeding animals as well as those who have been previously found guilty of animal welfare and cruelty offences.

A breeder’s membership may be cancelled or declined if the group receives complaints from buyers and other members. Similarly, if the photos of the breeder’s housing and living quarters are deemed inadequate, RPBA may deny their membership. Should this be the case, a refund will be provided.

Matching Buyers with Ethical Breeders

RPBA is a proud partner of, a free online classified for pets in Australia. This platform aims to help ethical breeders advertise their pets for sale and increase transparency within the animal community. It connects responsible breeders with loving households as well as animal lovers, and makes sure every pet finds its best human. Here, breeders can promote their dogs, cats, birds, horses, and small animals.

All probationary and full members of RPBA are allowed to post their ads on the Pets For Homes website provided that they include their membership number in their advertisement. Pet ads will automatically be displayed on the RPBA page within two business days. Should there be any concerns or questions regarding membership or finding a responsible pet breeder, RPBA has a 24/7 customer support team that individuals may contact, even on public holidays.

Connecting pet lovers to responsible breeders can help assure that all pets that are placed into loving homes were bred from healthy animals that were well-cared for and raised in a comfortable, pest-free habitat.

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