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Facing a Drink Driving Offence

Whether you have actually been booked for the criminal offence of drink driving or you are facing the possibility of such, you will want to find the best lawyers for drink driving offences. They can give you immediate counsel and then depending on your history they will work on your case and look at things like whether there are grounds for dismissal, whether you can go on probation, or if you are facing fines and jail time, get this reduced. Your choice of a lawyer is an important one so here are some tips.

Find an experienced and local criminal lawyer

Searching for a local criminal lawyer makes sense as they will understand any intricacies of the laws where you are, they will have interacted with the system, the experts and will be close enough to be able to reach them when needed. Without a lawyer drink driving expert you could find yourself facing the most severe of consequences for the law you broke.

You don’t want just any lawyer, your brother’s best friend who is a divorce lawyer is not who you should hire no matter how good they are. Your lawyer needs to be a criminal lawyer with experience in dealing with drink driving cases. They will have specific training that can help you the most and are equipped with all the details and ways they can help their client. That is the kind of lawyer who will have a better success rate than any lawyer that has not specialised in the field.

Make sure they are properly qualified and licensed

Always check their qualifications and that they are licensed to practice law in your state. Are they also affiliated with important legal bodies? It is okay to look around, collect some options and then compare things like online reviews, location, charges, experience, specialisation and so on. You do not have to just go with the first one you meet, you are not obligated to stay with them because you had one meeting with them. Look for the best lawyers for drink driving offences.

Consider the costs

What you pay in fees is one factor but it should be assessed alongside what services you are getting for those fees. Discuss how they charge, and how you need to pay. Ask about how additional costs and charges work. Make sure you understand all the terms of services, payments and timings.


Selecting the best lawyer drink-driving expert for your needs is an important part of your defence strategy. Whether you are looking for the charges to be completely dropped, or a way to have lesser charges hiring a good lawyer is the best way to handle this kind of situation. When facing a drink driving charge the case and the penalties depend on what your previous history is, do you have a history of such charges, were you driving without a license, was anyone hurt when you were driving under the influence? A lawyer can help you understand what is going to happen next and prepare for it.

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