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Stage one of the Torquay Wayfinding Signage Strategy now complete

Stage one of a two-stage project to deliver better wayfinding signage throughout Torquay is now complete with Council endorsing the final Torquay Wayfinding Signage Strategy and Design Guidelines.

The comprehensive, co-ordinated, and practical wayfinding signage system will help achieve a more connected and accessible Torquay, highlighting routes between destinations such as businesses, main streets, parks, and beaches.

The project aims to encourage active movement amongst both residents, and visitors making it easier to navigate around town.

Stage two of the strategy, including the manufacture and installation of wayfinding signage throughout the precinct is now underway supported by a prioritised implementation plan.

The project is jointly funded by Council and the Victorian Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund with a project budget of $370,000.

Cr Rose Hodge said the signage system will create greater connectivity throughout Torquay and promote active transport.

“The new signage system will be easy for people of all ages and abilities to understand and make it easier for people to get around without relying on cars.  It will also provide a better experience for the community and visitors,” Cr Hodge said.

“Accessibility is also a major factor, so the signs are clear and easy to follow, working in with existing signage. Any signs no longer in use will be removed as part of the process.”

The community engagement on the draft strategy and guidelines garnered public support following four weeks of public exhibition during July 2023.

Feedback on colour options, materials, accessibility considerations, and a desire for less signage clutter, are part of the final strategy and guidelines.

Cr Hodge said the strategy and design guidelines will serve as a guide for Council in delivering and maintaining a new sustainable signage system.

“These guidelines help implement an efficient system and the management of signs going forward. It will also be a fantastic resource that can be tailored to other Surf Coast Shire townships in the future.”

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