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The Melbourne Zoological Gardens

Observe wildlife from around the world at Melbourne Zoo Royal Park, 55 acres of land donated by the City of Melbourne in Parkville, located just 66km from the Geelong City Centre.

The Zoo has more the 320 animal species from both Australia and all around the world and is accessible via Royal Park Train Station.  This would mean you would have to take a train first from Geelong to Melbourne, and then board a second train to Royal Park Station on the Upfield Railway line.

Initially the Zoo was important for the acclimatisation of domestic animals recovering from their long journey to Australia.  It was only with the appointment of Albert Cochrane Le Soulf in 1879, that the inclusion of more exotic animals were procured for public display and the gardens and picnic areas were developed.

The Zoo was granted the prefix “Royal” in 1910.

The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens is set among flower gardens and picnic areas.

Gone are the days when zoo animals were caged and seen through steel bars. These days, the animals live in man made enclosures that are close to their natural habitat as possible.

Education about conservation and animal endangerment are a top priority at Melbourne Zoo.  For this purpose, the Zoo includes a large schools section where classes are taught to students about the importance of breeding in captivity to help keep endangered species from becoming extinct.

Popular exhibits include the “Butterfly House”, “Reptile House”, “The Great Flight Aviary”, “Wild Sea” and “Lion Gorge” just to name a few.

Bookings can be made online or payment is accepted at the gate.

Children under the age of 16 are free of charge.






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