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MESH Riesling 2004 Eden Valley $24.00 – Original price tag


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Bright straw yellow, for a 18 year old wine, the slight golden colour hints at richness rather than age.

In the mouth:

Super fresh lime juice with the ghostly glimpse of honey mid palate that fades away as quickly as it appears.
The acid running through this wine, is disguised as lime juice that fills the plate and dances around the mouth.
Almost a saline finish as the lime juice stops.
Unbelievable just how fresh and alive this wine is at 18yo
Would it age further?
Yes. But to what point I just can not see it improving beyond the stunning drink it all ready is. So if you have any MESH 2004 in the cellar pull the cork now. Or in this instance screw the cap.
I enjoyed this wine with scallops in home made beer batter. Worked a treat, the lime juice running through the wine cutting through the batter and straight to the sweet plump scallops inside. Really such a simple dish paired with this wine delivering such a mouthful of flavour a real treat.

N.B. Something I really should point out is. Would this wine be so alive and jumping if it was under cork??

michael lillisMichael Lillis

The Rot has set in.

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