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Did you know that you can receive your animal renewal notices electronically?

Get your animal renewal information by email rather than in the letterbox (you can also receive property rates notices too !), Simply hit the sign-up button below to create an account.

Once signed up, you’ll receive:

  • annual pet renewal notices, property rates (optional) or instalment emails with payment options (credit card, BPay, phone, direct debit)
  • a reminder email if you miss a payment
  • online access to print out your pet renewals, rates notices, (optional), view notices from previous years, change your email address or revert back to printed notices.

Go ahead – it’s easy.

Sign up



  • Desexed dog or cat is $70 or $35.00 for pensioners.
  • Unsterilised dog or cat is $210 or $105.00 for pensioners.

GIVE A PET A HOME: If your animal is adopted from a rescue centre, we will waive its first year of registration!

The desexed price still applies to unsterilised dogs or cats that are:

  • kept for working stock
  • registered with a Victorian canine or prescribed feline association
  • kept for breeding in a registered domestic business
  • older than 10 years old
  • trained in an obedience program which complies with regulations.

Registration is due annually on 10 April.

Notes on dog and cat registration:

  • All dogs and cats over three months old that live in Surf Coast Shire must be registered.
  • To be registered, State legislation states that all new or transfer registrations must include proof of microchipping.
  • To register a sterilised dog or cat you must present a certificate of sterilisation from a vet, or bring the animal to the council office to be inspected.
  • To be registered as a working dog, you must be able to demonstrate the dog’s ability to work stock to an authorised officer. (Dogs kept for security purposes are not considered working dogs for the purposes of registration.)
  • If your animal is adopted from a rescue centre its first 12 months of registration are provided free, in accordance with Council’s Domestic Animal Management Plan.
  • Applicants must be over 18 to apply for an animal registration.
  • Registration is due on 10 April annually, or penalties will apply.
  • If you change address, or if your animal has relocated or died, please notify Council on 03 5261 0600.


Registration fees pay for services such as:

  • ranger services, including staff, vehicles and equipment
  • the operation of a dog pound
  • after hours services
  • payments to Geelong Animal Welfare Society and Animal Welfare Victoria
  • purchase and operation of the All-terrain Vehicle
  • management and investigation of dog attacks, including prosecution
  • pet owner education.

Animal management statistics

As at March 2019 there were 6,086 registered dogs and 968 registered cats in Surf Coast Shire.

In 2018, Council received approximately 600 animal related customer service requests, including 140 lost animals and more than 190 calls to animals at large.

Council impounded 151 animals with a return rate of around 95% and responded to 34 dog attacks and managed 76 barking dog complaints.

Domestic Animal Management Plan

Between September 2017 and March 2018 Council undertook significant community engagement on its new Domestic Animal Management Plan, which is the over-arching document that guides how we manage dogs and cats in the shire.

We received more than 420 individual responses during the engagement and received more comments through stakeholder workshops – feedback received showed there was strong support for additional ranger services and other measures aimed at supporting compliance with animal regulations.

Replacement tag

If your animal is registered, but you have lost the physical tag, please call council to arrange a replacement tag 5261 0600.
A replacement tag fee application


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